Monday, September 17, 2012

Under the Needle

Bohemian Baby Quilt
Bohemian Baby, 2011 

Over the weekend I pieced together a baby girl quilt.

Last year I did a series of baby quilts with a peace/love/hippy theme called Bohemian Baby.  Well, I've noticed recently on the "shop stats" page of my Etsy shop that they are still getting viewed (even though they have sold), and people are still using search words for quilts with that general look to them.  OK, I can take a hint.

I could have done the same Wonky Square pattern again but felt in the mood for something different.

This version (shown under the needle of the Sweet 16) is even faster than the original-- just squares of fun fabrics with huge appliqued flowers in a bright tie-dye pattern splashed across the front.

The quilting was easy to plan-- just echo quilt around the flowers a few times, then I'll fill in any empty spaces with loops or a stipple.

Quilting is tiring work!

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