Monday, October 29, 2012

Change in Plans

An early morning call this morning from my dentist cancelling my appointment for today meant I had some sewing time!

How about some Hanukkah placemats?

I love this fabric!

 Most Hanukkah fabrics are blue and white like the Israeli flag.  There's certainly nothing wrong with those colors, but I've never found Hanukkah fabrics to be particularly inspiring, or exciting.

So this fabric with its festive color scheme of brown, orange, green, purple and yellow is particularly exciting.

Yellow and orange variegated thread was the perfect choice for quilting.

It's a bold fabric choice for the back, but I like it.

Surprisingly, there's almost no Hanukkah home decor merchandise available on Etsy.  So perhaps these will be a welcome option for someone looking for this type of item.


  1. Oh I love this Hanukkah fabric as soon as I seen it I had to have it. Its so full of life and I love the placemats you made.

  2. I love this and I found the Hanukkah fabric...

    How much of each type of fabric did you need to buy and what are your back fabric and border fabric called?