Thursday, October 25, 2012

More Odds and Ends

Behold my life this week.
As a result, I'm feeling like an Unproductive Quilter, at least temporarily.
But all is not lost!  I have a few little goodies to share.

Today at Moda Bake Shop:


The "Simply Woven Quilt", posted by Jess at SewCraftyJess.

Read the tutorial here and you'll see it's not complicated at all, especially if you use precuts like she did.

I love it!  This went into my "project inspiration" folder.  Thanks Jess!

Brown Felt Violin Bag (Violin purse)
photo courtesy of krukrustudio

Recently spotted at Etsy:

It's a bag made out of felt!  It's even the correct size!

Brown Felt Violin Bag (Violin purse)


It's made by Krukrustudio all the way in Moscow, Russia.

 The Yellow Submarine Bag Beatles Red Felt Watering Can/ Watering Pot BagBlue Felt TARDIS Bag (TARDIS purse)

Very, very impressive work!

Last but not least:
Quilt Inspiration has been posting pictures from the Pacific International Quilt Festival.  As you might expect, a lot of the pictures have been absolutely stunning.  Click on the link and check it out!
But one that was posted today particularly caught my eye:

It's by Mary Kay Davis

Nemo the Quilting Dog
Awww. . .

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