Friday, November 2, 2012

Down to a Science

Today was Get Organized Day for upcoming markets this Sunday and next Sunday.  I had a chunk of free time this morning (no rehearsal until later this afternoon) so this seemed like a good opportunity to get everything together for these upcoming events.

I've come to firmly believe that being well organized BEFORE you even get to your market or craft show makes everything much easier.  But it really is a science to have everything packed the right way to make set up quick and efficient.


Print out a list of all of my merchandise currently for sale in my Etsy store.

Decide what I'm going to bring to the event, then check off things as they get packed.

Then, I know which items need to be deactivated (hidden from view) online before I leave for the market on Sunday.

Check that everything is clean and ironed, has a price tag and a label.

The new Hanukkah placemats needed their label before being packed today.

Quilts go in their own bin.  This month I'm bringing 3 baby quilts, a Christmas quilt and 3 other lap quilts.

Next bin:  all table runners, placemats, Office Lunch Sets, selvage bath mats and dish towels.

At the bottom of the bin, the table runners are packed on hangers for quick setup at the market.

A customer asked me last month about some seasonal dish towels, in addition to the "all occasion" ones that I already have.  I thought it was a great idea, so I have some new ones to bring this month.  My last Dish Towel Haul at Ikea also yielded some nice bright red ones, which will be perfect for Christmas.

In this bin:  a somewhat frightening array of STUFF. Small merchandise like I.D. lanyards, tissue holders and eyeglass cases.  Signage. Cash and change.  Receipt books, pens, duck tape, clothespins, hand wipes.  You get the idea.

The last bin holds my banner (rolled up on the left) and personal items:  hat, drinks, apron.  Right before I leave on Sunday I'll toss in some snacks and my phone and I'll be ready to go!


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  1. yay...for being so organised!! Looks like you're on a roll, Linda. =)

    Good Luck at the Market this weekend!