Sunday, January 20, 2013

Christina's Quilt

You'll recall from this post that Christina is the first one to take advantage of my Quilt Completion Services.

I felt that I wanted to preserve the strong geometric feel of this quilt, so I did a simple grid pattern from corner to corner.

The quilting lines radiate out from the first and third blocks, but not the second, which create a neat overall pattern.  And I used gold metallic thread, which didn't photograph well but looks great in person with the black and gold fabric.

A meandering leafy vine in pale blue thread adds a fancy touch to the border. I really like how that came out.

Christine is going to do the binding herself.

 That center block:  YES.  I KNOW.

I owe a HUGE thank you to Ailsa and Priscilla, who were kind enough to leave comments on my original post and point out that the block is skewed on the right side.  I probably would have noticed when the quilt was 3/4 quilted, and too late to do anything.  But because they pointed it out right away (before I started quilting it) I was able to contact Christine and let it be her decision.  In the end, she said she was mad about it, but not mad enough to take it apart and fix it.

This project was a pleasure, and Christine feels not just like a customer but a new friend as well.  I'm hoping for more projects like this one!

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