Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A "Design Opportunity"

I read a quote recently that said something like,
"there are no screw ups in sewing, only Design Opportunities"

Well, I think I just got elected President of the Design Opportunity Club.

I was really intrigued by this quilt, which is in the latest issue of Easy Quilts magazine.

It's called "Pathways", designed by Tony Jacobson.

I like the minimal and modern design of alternating strips interspersed with a 12 patch block.

I cut the strips first, and then discovered I had made a Total Rookie Error:  I swear I had read "cut 8 strips 8" wide", but I was actually supposed to cut them 8 1/2" wide.  So, since I had cut the strips 1/2" too narrow those 12 patch blocks would no longer fit, thus eliminating any chance of actually constructing this quilt as printed in the directions.

OK.  Dumb mistake, but done is done.  Time to explore the Design Opportunities:

I played with the idea of some other pieced shape to substitute for the 12 patch blocks but in the end decided that simply a square would probably work best.

 And applique is going to save the day!

I need to make more flowers, and more large ones like that blue one in the center (it's about 8" across).

No regrets on my fabric choices-- the strong vertical pattern of the Fairylyte Garden collection suits this layout really well.

The pattern came out of this magazine, which has a TON of wonderful projects in it-- check it out!

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