Sunday, February 24, 2013

Weekend Update

As I mentioned in my previous post, I was a vendor at Artpool Gallery's Crafty Fest yesterday.

It was held in their courtyard area (you can see my white tent on the upper right side, right next to the entrance to their ultra hip Cafe).

Some vendor highlights:
I love sea glass jewelry, like those necklaces on the left.

I thought there were maybe a few too many jewelry vendors for one small show, but I will say that it was all really nice looking.

Terrariums-- very cool, and the first time I've seen those at a craft event.  But it's a great idea!

Cutest plushies EVER.

Decorated rain barrels, what a great idea!
That homage to "Starry Night" on the right was my favorite.

This vendor had a lot of cute felt pillows but of course I liked the ones with yo-yos the best!

The newest addition to my craft show arsenal:  2" spring loaded clamps, and oh boy did I need them yesterday-- it was one of the windiest events I've ever done.  But being able to clamp the edges of the quilts to the hanging rods that I use kept everything secure.

See this post for more info about my market/craft show set-up.

The spring clamp is being modeled by my Poppy Quilt (Etsy shop listing here)

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