Sunday, June 1, 2014

Other People's Quilts

My quilt guild friend Robbie came over today to baste a quilt.

I moved recently and in doing so lost my ginormous tile living room floor, and was sort of crossing my fingers that there would be room in this new house for basting.

No worries!  A minor amount of furniture shuffling in the dining room and there was plenty of space.

It looks like I set my camera for black and white pictures, but in fact we basted a gray and white quilt.

It's going to be a wedding gift, and apparently the bride and groom wanted this color scheme.

Size is 70" square

It's neat looking in person and Robbie said it was an absolute breeze to put together.  I might have to make one of these myself!

Another person's quilt:

My friend Christine asked me to quilt this for her. She likes to make quilt tops but doesn't like to do the quilting.  I'm flattered that she likes my quilting enough to hire me to do it for her!

This is also a commercial pattern, in kind of an odd size:  about 53 x 88"

 It has a beautiful collection of batik strips in blues, greens and browns.

This is going to be a young man's quilt (for her son, in his 20s) so I kept the quilting very simple-- a grid pattern of straight lines, and a few wavy lines for flourish.

There will be a binding of batik strips for the finish.

The back is also really pretty, and there's a nice picture and inscription of Christine and her son at the bottom right.  Sweet!

On a more personal note:

I recently had a birthday, accompanied by an absolute tidal wave of love, laughs, and margaritas by my friends and family.

Yes.  It was THAT birthday.

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  1. Happy Birthday! Love the quilts. Glad you found a spot for basting.