Monday, September 22, 2014

Christmas Down Under

It makes me feel extra lucky to have repeat customers from my Etsy store.  It's one thing for a customer to buy once, and I'm grateful for that!-- but it's a whole other level of loyalty to come back for more.

And some customers attain Fairy Godmother status.

Case in point:  I'm now processing my third large custom order for a repeat customer in Australia.

This was the first order, in March

2 runners, a placemat set, and a coaster
set in Autumn colors.

(See this post for more details)

Next, a similar set in Spring colors, done in yummy Kaffe Fassett fabrics:

I completed the whole order, packed it up, took it to the Post Office and THEN realized that I had forgotten to photograph the finished products.

You can view the project in progress here

It only seemed natural to do a set for Christmas, right?

(I left my camera out so I  wouldn't forget to take pictures before packing this order for shipping this morning)

2 table runners 15 x 46"

All of these projects have had the same random pieceing style.  I cut different size squares and rectangles from the fabrics I was using, then sewed them into pairs, then sewed the pairs to each other, etc. until the piece was large enough.

4 placemats 12 x 19"
My customer had selected a vibrant mix of current Michael Miller holiday prints to be the focus fabrics, then I filled in with bits from my own stash for a nice scrappy look.

This order also includes 2 condiment mats that are 12" square.

coasters 6" square

It's a modern and certainly vibrant look for the holidays but I was thinking that since Christmas is a mid-summer holiday in Australia, this brighter style makes a great deal of sense.

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