Thursday, February 19, 2015

Keep it Clean

I recently tackled an unusual project, at  least for me:

Real Sewing (!)  With an actual pattern (!!)

I've mentioned before that I'm not, nor have I ever been, a Real Sewer.  I just quilt.

However, a friend at work asked me to help her out with a simple sewing project, and I said I would give it a try.

My friend's dad recently had a stroke, and while he's recovering well, meal time is still a little messy.  And the commercially produced bibs he's been using, while providing adequate coverage, are just plain ugly.
She even showed me one of the bibs he was using-- a depressing, limp thing made of terrycloth. Yikes.
SURELY I could produce something a little snazzier.

Even I can handle a tissue pattern that's just one piece!

I chose a spiffy madras plaid for the front and terry cloth for the back.

Rather than cutting out the front and back pieces at the same time, I cut out the front, sewed it to the back fabric right side down, THEN trimmed the back so all of the edges were even without the struggle of trying to sew both cut pieces together.

It was then turned right side out, ironed, topstitched and quilted.

I chose a brown homespun plaid for the second one.

The finishing touch:  iron-on velcro for the tabs at the top, no sewing needed!


  1. What a good idea. My mother used those ugly terry cloth ones. I had no idea there was a pattern available to make adult bibs. I also like the way you put them together. We all learn from each other don't we.

  2. Those are great ones. My Florida guild routinely made bibs like these for an Alzheimers clinic near us. What a good idea to make them for a stroke clinic as well!