Sunday, March 8, 2015


Finally!  This Accuquilt Go die has been hanging around for awhile, waiting for a little time and inspiration.

Time for a fun set of placemats for my Etsy shop (here)

Typical for me, I used four different fabrics for the cats.

Polka dots seemed perfect for the back.

Like all of my applique projects, the cats were fused to the background fabric, then I sewed a narrow zig-zag stitch around the edges.  After that, the whole placemat was then basted and quilted.

We interrupt this quilting blog for an epic amount of violin playing coming up:


Madame Butterfly is my favorite opera, so I'm so happy to be playing it again with Opera Tampa!

Also this week, with The Florida Orchestra:


Stravinsky: Petrushka (1947)
Rachmaninoff: The Isle of the Dead
Tchaikovsky: Francesca da Rimini
This all Russian program begins with Stravinsky’s Petrushka, the tragic tale of puppets endowed with human vulnerabilities.  Intertwining the themes of life and death, Rachmaninoff’s Isle of the Dead sets a mood of mystery and contemplation. The evening closes with Tchaikovsky’s gorgeous yet tragic tale of love in his symphonic poem Francesca da Rimini

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