Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A New Home for The World Quilt

After it's long journey from points around the globe, to Karen's house in Connecticut, and to my home in Florida, The World Quilt is looking remarkably comfortable in its new home!

I do think it looks fantastic in this room, and the colors really pop against the brick red paint.  

This room does not get a lot of sunlight, so not only does the quilt brighten it up, I don't think fading will be an issue.

This pretty curtain rod looks nice with it, and came with hanging hardware, so installation was quick and easy.

If you missed how this incredible piece of art came to hang in my home, see this post and this post.
In the meantime, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the wonderful quilters who contributed to this quilt:

  1. Martina from Germany, Stufen Zum Gericht
  2. Darlene from Missouri, Dar's Patchwork Garden
  3. Janet from the Yukon Territory, Canada
  4. Michi from Austria, Michimachtdas
  5. Carolyn from Wisconsin
  6. Kym from the USA, Fabric Fascination
  7. Susan from Kansas
  8. Tina from Rhode Island, Seaside Stitches
  9. Carol from Michigan
  10. Helen from New Zealand
  11. Kim from New York, Pokeytown Kim
  12. Karen from Connecticut, Selvage Blog

    And of course, big hugs and a huge thank you to Quilter #12, the awesome Karen of Selvage Blog  fame, who did all the work in putting this thing together.  I still can't believe it's mine!  
    You can read the history of this quilt in these posts from The Selvage Blog:


  1. I love this quilt and how you are displaying it. Thanks for posting the links from The Selvage Blog. I had a sack of 1 1/4 strips already cut so I have now started my own quilt.

  2. Oh, Linda! Your quilt looks fabulous on your red wall! I'm so glad the quilt went to a good home. :)

  3. Dear Linda,
    I was one of the worldwide bloggers, who participated in sewing a part of this stunning quilt. Seeing the fantastic quilt, that Karen has sewn from all the strings at your wall, pleases me. The quilt has found its best home! Have a nice Easter, Martina, Cologne, Germany

  4. Linda, I love how you have the World Quilt displayed in your home. You are one lucky lady. It was fun participating in this quilt and wish we had all been winners. Enjoy it's brightness in your life and thanks for sharing the view with us.

  5. I'm so glad this quilt found a great place to land. It looks great on your red wall. I had to start one for myself when I saw how beautiful it turned out.

    Carol from Michigan

  6. While I will admit to being just a little jealous that you won and not me, It does look great on your wall. That wall color is perfect. And if you ever need to give it away, I'm here waiting!


  7. The quilt looks great and perfect in the room. Thanks for letting us see it in its new home.

  8. Wow Linda! The quilt looks fabulous on your wall! Congrats again on winning such an amazing prize.

  9. The quilt looks wonderful on your wall. A perfect home for it. I love that I can see the strips I contributed. It is a wonderful quilt idea.

  10. Fun! I can see my little piece of it :0) I hope you enjoy it! It really does look terrific there.

    Happy Sewing

  11. Beautiful!

    Congratulations on winning it, and on your perfect display.

  12. Hi Linda!
    The quilt looks so great on your red wall! I am so happy that there is a bit of Austria among all the other countries.
    Glad I joined the fun!
    Hugs from a place near Vienna/Austria
    Michi :)